Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frozen Heart

He was born among bombs

And he has never seen flowers

His life has just begun

But he’s already a fighter

He is on a battlefield

Facing the enemy

He has no pity in his heart

Because it’s purely ice

Once he almost died

And for the very first time

He saw a ray of moonlight

Coming into the night

The girl who saved him

Never again was seen

And as we don’t love illusions

He can’t find a love that is real



T said...


bia de barros said...

This is a sad song called "Refugee", by Tribal Ink.


Anna Paula Tofoli said...

Meu, ia vir aqui fazer uma piadinha como voce fez os dois ultimos post em ingles, me li isso e mudei de ideia.
Esta lindo (e vou respeitar o momento),
Valew pelo coment e pelo testimonial, AP \o/

Caio Lamas said...

So sad... because of some men, a lot of other guys just don't have even a "real life". =/

And... hu... thank you for the comments. I agree with you in both cases.

(Why am I writing in english anyway? don't know...)


Universo Infinito said...

Amei o teu blog, muito bom mesmo, de verdade...
vou voltar muitas vezes, com certeza...

Max Psycho said...

se eu fosse bom em ingles com certeza eu faria um comentario mais decente, sorry baby, bjus

Talita S. said...

I hope he can see flowers someday :)

darsh. said...

adoro treinar meu inglês lendo seu blog :D

Poeta Eterno said...

Prefiro viver um sonho infantil a uma realidade maldita!

Fernanda Papandrea said...

Que ele encontre um amor real!